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Winter Break Camps

Winter camps at One River School allow students grades K-12 to experience mini versions of One River School’s most popular summer camp programs during their winter school breaks.

Kids Camps - December 26 - 28

Grades k - 2


Watercolor Underworld


Explore unique watercolor wonderlands! Students will be exposed to a variety of wonderlands and their inhabitants, which will become the main source of inspiration for these projects.

Grades 3 - 5


Polar Bear

Learn to Draw
Arctic Wildlife

Learning to draw realistically is a crucial and fundamental skill for any aspiring artist. Students will study various animal anatomies to help them create accurate, proportionate and to scale drawings.

One Day Teen Camps - Grades 6-12

Wednesday | Dec. 26


Screen Shot 2018-11-08 at 2.47.57 PM

Watercolor Landscapes

Distant mountains, beautiful sunsets, endless fields and serene oceans- this course will examine the beauty of nature’s landscape through the creation of a watercolor landscape painting.

Wednesday | Dec. 26


Digital Manga 1

Digital Manga

Manga comics have a long history in Japanese art, and in the following years, increasingly popular worldwide. Their highly stylized characteristics and engaging storylines have become a cultural phenomenon.

Friday | Dec. 28



Charcoal Portraits

In this course, students will learn the fundamentals of portrait drawing.  They will study proportion, value, and the structure of the human face. Students will be using charcoal and will develop blending and shading techniques with the versatile medium.  Each student will complete one finished charcoal portrait drawing showcasing their new skills!

Friday | Dec. 28



Digital Illustration:
Sci Fi Painting

Zombies, aliens, robots, vampires, artificial intelligence, and more! This course will challenge students to imagine and create the fantastical beings of worlds beyond using the latest digital software.

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