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Past Exhibitions


Arthur Boden

September 21 - October 5, 2019

My focus gradually shifted from working as a graphic designer to expressing myself by creating acrylic paintings and prints. Rooted in the contemporary art world, my work is characterized by vibrant color, whimsy, clarity of line and variety of subject matter. Intensive effort and discipline allow me to achieve original effects and technical acuity. The work is not technical alone: it is profoundly personal.

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Olivia Baldwin

July 13 - September 18, 2019

Built from gestures, layers, high chroma, and sprawling geometric forms, Baldwin's art present a convergence of unconscious thoughts. She works intuitively, seasoning the paintings with washes and dense pigment, layering and uncovering until a direction appears. Time spent on mountains and an isthmus translate to cartographic compositions resembling the places of her recent past:. These remembered landscapes become a context for a space between feelings and ideas.



Jerome China

February 16 - March 27, 2019

Found metal sculpting demands an appreciation of random form and texture, as well as the ability to visualize a composition where disparate found pieces find a home. He attempts to use the objects in a way so that they are not readily recognizable by the viewer. Although the pieces have been transformed, they still carry the memory of their former function. Their meaning is essentially multiplied, amplified and reinvented as a piece of art.



Ioanna Pantazopoulou

September 15 - November 24, 2018

Pantazopoulou creates ephemeral sculptural monuments and large installations out of unwanted and discarded materials (that tell a story). The sculptures follow the principles of architecture without being trapped in them. They overturn the notion of experience and participation, they attempt – through unexpected collisions – to create new connections between the past and the present, of what is lost and found.'s art approach.



Jared Deery

July 21 - September 12, 2018

Jared Deery's work is characterized by a proportionately hermetic sense of mark making and repetition, and a balance between the familiar and the esoteric with a strong commitment to the unknown. The wide range of media in his artistic practice combines painting, installations, drawing, sculpture, and films. His work can best be connected by motif, mood, color, and process. It can be viewed individually, in dialogue with a group installation or seen as part of a larger long-term project.



Michael Berryhill

March 24 - May 12, 2018

Michael Berryhill unearths symbols used throughout the history of Western painting - flowers, open books, heroic figures, animals and architectural elements. The commonplace nature of these symbols, however, belies their pliancy of meaning, a characteristic Berryhill underlines by rendering them blurred and indistinct, simultaneously overworked and imprecise. It becomes as difficult to attach a specific meaning to these symbols as it is to fully identify the objects depicted.



Angela Heisch

November 18 - January 10, 2018

Angela Heisch paints monolithic abstractions using a limited palette. Through the depiction of vague yet associative atmosphere, there is the sense of architecture in her work, even if it is unfamiliar. These arrangements often appear disjointed, like broken pieces of a once whole, while still maintaining an image of confrontation and intentionality. She plays with space, depth and her own iconography to create anthropomorphic, funny, unsettling paintings.



Matt Philips

September 16 - November 12, 2017

Phillips’ art contains certain essential paradoxes. Most of his pictures are made over long periods of time and through successive layers, yet the final product is both fresh and luminous. The works lay bare the imperfections and spontaneity of the artist’s hand, yet are principally constructed with geometric elements. More often than not, Phillips’ images are constructed on the rational structure of the grid, but at some point, spontaneity, revolt, and humor emerge, helping them arrive at their poetic conclusions.

Catherine Haggerty

July 13 - September 10, 2017

The work on view in Bleu-Jaune Champ is a reaction from the time spent in St. Chamas, France and sifts through a dream like state with characters and forms occupying the landscape Haggarty soaked up. Recurring forms sift through the paintings in the shape of vases, moons, shoes, arches and flowers. These observational and auto-biographical moments live in a landscape soaked in color and light.

A. Eddy__Flying-Fingers, City-Face-Midnight Moonlight_58x40in_AE103_2

Austin Eddy

April 29 - June 18 2017

The paintings and sculptures fluctuate between the worlds of representation and abstraction. They are rooted in narrative images, but have simplified and been broken down beyond initial recognition. The work is exploring the vulnerability and anxiety of the human condition though images and objects.


JJ Manford

March 10 - April 23, 2017

Manford describes his body of work that elaborates upon his preexistent lexicon of forms, towards a more overtly representational painterly language, which includes: Spindly, wire-sculpture-like depictions of aging & solitary wanderers, meditatively poised plant goddesses, esoteric language plants, geometric structures, and a Quixote-esque horseman traversing primordial-hieroglyph forests.